I was given the opportunity to test and review two pairs of Toe Talk Yoga Socks and I honestly have to say, these are my favorite ones ever!

They have cute and inspirational designs, and have grips on the bottom, as you can see in the photos.

The ankle part of the socks is a unique and comfortable shape, and they do not slide down at all.

I washed them in the washing machine, and then laid them out to dry and they turned out great.

My feet are small and these fit perfectly. I also had my Mom try a pair on (pink in the photos) She has larger feet than me, and as you can see they fit her quite properly as well.

Please check them out online at:

Right now you can get three pairs of socks for $30 which is well worth it, I promise!

Also check out their other items and gifts. Perhaps you are a  Yoga Enthusiast or know someone who would love these as a gift?

My favorite thing about this company is the unique way they remind you to be peaceful and mindful, and that they give back!

Peace & Love

~January Gray~

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