FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Boutique Yoga Retreat 2019 Season!


Boutique Yoga Retreat Announces New Getaways for the 2019 Season

Harmonic Escapes, which offers boutique yoga retreats in Ibiza, has revealed the dates of its 2019 events. The exclusive holistic retreats, which all feature a harmonic musical angle, are designed to delve deep into the world of yoga while also providing opportunities for guests to explore a wide range of alternative activities, such as dance, paddle boarding, walking and drumming. Active retreats are scheduled to take place in June and July, with walking retreats planned for later in the year as the weather starts to cool slightly.

The fun-packed getaways are all meticulously planned to create the perfect balance of energy and relaxation. With two daily yoga sessions led by yoga teacher Zarah Boden, lively activities such as paddle boarding and African dance, calming exercises like meditation and breathwork, and vibrant beach drumming at sunset, the retreats are designed to provide plenty of choice in how guests enjoy their getaway. All activities and sessions are optional, and guests are encouraged to relax, sunbathe, explore the island of Ibiza, and join in with the festivities at their own pace, on their own terms.

“We’re so excited to announce our new retreats, taking place in June, July, and October this year,” says Harmonic Escapes Founder Cynthia Micallef. “We’ve already seen how well our previous guests have responded to the sessions and activities on offer here in Ibiza. We’ve expanded on these to include even more opportunities to learn, grow, and try new things… or even just relax and enjoy a bit of Spanish sun!”

“We’re proud to have partnered with some of the best massage therapists and activity leaders on the island, so relaxing treatments and yoga continue to play a big role in our retreats, but it’s entirely up to each guest what activities they take part in”.

The luxurious Harmonic Escapes retreats feature delicious, nourishing meals with menus heavily inspired by local ingredients grown on nearby farms. Fresh juices, all-day snacks, brunch, dinner, and a daily glass of wine are included as standard at each retreat. Guests unplug and unwind  in a peaceful villa in the unspoilt north of Ibiza featuring an 18 metre swimming pool, beautiful covered yoga deck and expansive natural surroundings which simply invite relaxation.

Harmonic Escapes will offer just three 6 night retreats for the 2019 season, taking place 6 – 12 June, 8 – 14 July, and 17 – 23 October, with the option to stay for an additional night if desired. Those booking in pairs will each receive a €150 discount.

To find out more about Harmonic Escapes, visit, or check out the Instagram page at


Harmonic Escapes offers a range of yoga retreats designed to rejuvenate the body and mind. Committed to self-development and learning, the retreats encourage good health and wellbeing while simultaneously promoting the importance of sustainable tourism in Spain. Having been born in Malta, founder Cynthia Micallef left the world of corporate London behind to return to her island roots, settling in the serenity of northern Ibiza where she partners with inspiring teachers, therapists, and chefs to create relaxing getaways amongst the natural beauty of the Balearic Islands.

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8-14 JUNE, 2019


6-12 JULY, 2019



Our yoga retreats are as much about re-energising your body and mind as slowing down and living consciously. Our Ibiza active escapes give you a much-needed break from the everyday so that you can re-balance, while challenging yourself to achieve things you didn’t think possible.

The luxury Can Amonita villa is purpose-built for retreats, set amid gardens and terraced woodlands in the serene north Ibiza hills. It features an outdoor yoga deck, a serene pool surrounded by pine trees and a Bali house where you can have a personalised massage.

During your six-night stay, you will experience an empowering mix of activity and relaxation. Inspirational teacher Zarah will guide you through morning and evening yoga, as well as evening meditation.


  • Dynamic vinyasa flow yoga
  • Restorative yoga
  • Meditation and breathwork
  • Partner yoga
  • Beach yoga


  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Drummers’ circle
  • Immersive crystal healing sound bath
  • Wake-up beach yoga followed by a swim in the sea
  • A magical sunset on nearby Benirras Beach while dancing with drummers

Of course, there will also be plenty of time for relaxing and exploring Ibiza!

Our retreats cater to a maximum of 12 guests. We will guide you towards embodying yoga, listening to your inner guru and taking steps towards self-empowerment.


Join our instructor Zarah on the beach for a session of vinyasa flow Yoga, followed by an invigorating morning swim. After a scrumptious brunch based around seasonal, local produce, be pampered during a personally tailored massage at the villa’s Bali House, before evening yoga and meditation. Enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner before taking part in a drumming circle.


Our retreat venue, Can Amonita is situated close to the village of San Lorenzo, a 5-minute drive from the famous La Paloma restaurant. The house was built to host wellness yoga retreats having a peaceful energy set in the beautiful Ibiza countryside. Yoga is practiced outdoors in a beautifully yoga deck with views out to the forest.

All the bedrooms have luxurious en-suite bathrooms, are fully air-conditioned and have Internet access throughout. Beautiful Ibiza beaches of Benirras, Cala Nova and Cala Llenya are only a short drive away as well as many of the best restaurants on the island. The main highlight of Can Amonita is its 18-metre long outdoor pool where you can relax in total tranquillity and perhaps indulge in a massage in the Bali house at the bottom of the pool area. The luxurious house offers many chill-out outdoor and indoor areas, allowing guests to have quiet time in complete privacy.



You will be nourished with healthy, delicious plant-based cuisine, based on fresh seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms Our chef Patricia is experienced at catering to a variety of dietary requirements. We send a questionnaire to all our guests prior to the retreat to assess dietary your requirements.

Food based on a vegetarian diet will consist of:

  • Fresh fruit juice and teas before morning yoga
  • Snack after yoga
  • Brunch buffet
  • Afternoon sweet snack
  • Dinner
  • Fruit and teas available all day
  • One dinner is left free to eat out at a restaurant of choice


  • 5 morning yoga sessions
  • 5 evening yoga sessions with meditation
  • 1 hour stand-up paddle boarding tour
  • 6 nights’ accommodation at Can Amonita (all bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms and air-conditioning)
  • Daily brunch, fresh juices and snacks.
  • Dinner on 5 nights (1 night eating out at a restaurant)
  • Glass of wine with dinner
  • Snacks, teas and water available throughout the day
  • Evening activities, such as crystal sound bath, drumming circle and visiting Benirras drummers
  • Silent early morning walk (daily depending on demand)


  • Our retreats are a maximum of 12 guests.
  • Yoga sessions are suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced practitioners.
  • Food is fresh, healthy and plant-based. We cater to any dietary requirements. A detailed questionnaire is sent before the retreat.
  • Brunch is served at 11:30 and dinner is served at 20:00.
  • Snacks, teas and unlimited water are available throughout the day.
  • All bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms and air-conditioning.
  • The retreat venue is located a short drive from gorgeous beaches and coves including: famous Benirras beach, Cala Llenya and Cala Nova.
  • Stand-up paddle boarding tour takes around one hour.
  • Massage therapists are available at the villa on request. Your free time for a massage is between 13:00 to 17:00.
  • The team at Harmonic Escapes is available to take care of your every need.


  • Flights and transfers
  • Travel and personal insurance
  • Additional activities, personal treatments and massages
  • Any food and beverage purchased/consumed outside the venue


Join with a friend to receive €150 off each. Use code YOGAWITHFRIENDS when you book your retreat.

From €1,550 per person for 6 nights, with the option of staying an extra night for an additional €100.

8-14 JUNE, 2019


6-12 JULY, 2019



I Finally Found the Perfect Cushion for my Tailbone! ~Bael Wellness~

I’m going to preface this by letting you know that I did NOT receive this product free for review, nor did I receive any discount or incentive. This was my own purchase for a real need I have. I am not associated with Bael Medical in any way.

I have had a tailbone injury for awhile, and sometimes I use a TENS unit, but I’ve been on a seemingly never ending search for a seat cushion to give me some relief while sitting.

I’ve tried several styles and brands, and none of them were what I needed. My main issue, is they were too high and made sitting with my legs under my desk impossible, and putting them in the seat of my car put me too high, even when I lowered my seat. I felt like I was in a tall tractor trailer lol!

Finally, my lovely Mom came across Bael Medical and this cushion.

It arrived super fast, and I did not pay any extra for faster shipping.

This cushion is like sitting on a cloud, yet it still gives me support!

The way it is made, it is taller in the back and not so tall in the front, so it is not adding much height to you while sitting.

The way it is shaped also makes you sit up straighter, which honestly is something the majority of us need to work on.

I shied away from the price, but they do have a money back guarantee on returns. I have not had to have that experience with them yet, so I can’t tell you.

They have other products you might want to check out as well.

I plan to order a second one of these Coccyx tailbone support cushions to leave at the house.

It has a removable cover for washing, and has a handle to make it easy to carry around. It does not get hot while sitting on it either.

If you have tailbone pain, please take the plunge and get this. My pain was so bad without this cushion, that I could have cried. It really hurt when I would go to stand up too.

It is nice to be pain free, especially without having to use medications.

Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

The link to Bael Medical is below:


I’m just a tiny bit early, but MARK YOUR CALENDARS!


Come celebrate with Cavit Wines!

Cavit is the leading name in the Italian wine industry, and
Cavit Pinot Grigio is officially the number one Pinot Grigio in America.

Cavit’s history began in 1950 and currently employs 200 workers.

With a balanced character, bright straw gold color, appealing aroma and fruit flavors, it’s no wonder Cavit is America’s favorite Pinot Grigio

This is by far my favorite wine! Drink it well chilled. I also like that it is affordable for all. Do not let the price fool you, Cavit Wines pride themselves on quality and consistency and they maintain that even to this day.

This is the wine I recommend to those who have either never tried wine, or have tried wine and didn’t like it.

This wine is my go to no matter what I am eating, but I do enjoy wine pairing with food, especially when by recommendation at a restaurant.

That’s one thing about this wine, it pairs well with everything in my opinion.

Seafood, chicken, salads, pasta and beef. However, pairing it with seafood is my absolute favorite!


You can find this wine wherever you normally shop! Go get some today so you will be able to celebrate National Pinot Grigio Day on May 17th with me and Cavit Wines!



Our bodies are made of 60% water, yet many of us do not hydrate as much as we should.

I don’t drink nearly enough water.

I’m in love with coffee and juices and carbonated drinks and of course, wine.

I very rarely drink water.

This is not a good thing.

I’ve tried everything to increase my water intake, because honestly, I really don’t think about drinking water.

I’ve gotten the cool water bottles with lines that tell you how much you’ve drank, I’ve downloaded water reminders on my smartphone…nothing helps.

I need to make a solid promise to myself to drink more water.

Recent “studies” have shown that not all of us need eight glasses a day, but I’m fairly certain many of us can (and should) drink more water than what we currently are.

The benefits of drinking water are:

  • DRINKING WATER KEEPS YOU YOUNG ( Drinking enough water will help keep your skin young. You will be able to reduce your use of moisturizers, and fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced)
  • DRINKING WATER DETOXIFIES (Drinking water helps burn stored fat to help you lose weight, and it also flushes toxins from your body.)
  • DRINKING WATER IS GOOD FOR YOUR JOINTS (Drinking water helps keep your joints healthy, strong and lubricated. Your joints need moisture to remain flexible so your movements are smooth and pain free.)
  • DRINKING WATER MAKES YOU SMARTER (Drinking water can increase your cognitive function. Drinking enough water per day can improve your levels of cognitive performance by as much as 30%

I am going to make it a goal to start drinking more water. I downloaded an app on my smart phone to remind me (ha-ha) But, I like this one because it has all drinks available to track, so I can compare my water intake to other drinks, and make a solid effort to cut down on other drinks, and replace them with water.

I use Android, but search your phone and pick which app is right for you.

Do you drink enough water?

Are you going to join me in this goal?

Sometimes I might need a kick in the butt!

Hydrate, rest, breathe…take care of YOU!

And… stay thirsty my bitches!

Let me know your thoughts and let me know your water intake or your need to increase it.