With horse racing very much in the news now, for various reasons, here is an excellent site to check out the people behind the scenes.

Whether you are a fan of horse racing or not, this is a well set up site for information.

There will always be horse racing, and the best we can do, is work harder to keep the animals and their people safe.

Jockey agent Matt Nakatani was born with racing already coursing through his veins as the son of Southern California jockey Corey Nakatani and trainer Michele Dollase. He also counts an uncle, aunt and grandfather, the late Wallace Dollase, as trainers within the industry. After graduating from the University of Louisville with degrees in Sports Management and Communications, he returned to home to California to be near family and took on a more active role in his father’s distinguished riding career, becoming his agent.

The pairing was a success and the young Nakatani helped his father return off an extended layoff, solidifying himself as a talented and well-respected member of the industry. Though not an easy one, Nakatani says his job and passion are one and the same and that he goes after each early morning, disappointing defeat and exhilarating win all for the love of the horse and the life they have given him and his family.

Meet Matt Nakatani. He is Horse Racing.  



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