Winter is the hardest season for my skin. I’ve been on a lifelong search for products that actually work.

I was given a gift card to Sephora for Christmas, and I went on-line to shop, as I knew it would be ages for me to find time to actually get to a physical store.

After adding things to my cart, I was able to select several free samples, and once my order arrived, boy did they impress!

So much so, that I’ve already ordered the full size of some of these items.


I chose this sample based on the name and the great reviews.

Aqua bomb? That sounds exactly like what my face needs! Moisture!

After doing my usual face cleansing, I put this on my face and it felt amazing. No weird or perfumed scent either.

I think I put on too much product, but it did all absorb within 15 minutes.

I woke up this morning to smooth skin, and I cannot feel my forehead wrinkles, which are pretty massive.

Except for the edges of one super deep forehead wrinkle, the appearance of them has been greatly minimized, and my deepest wrinkle has been fairly minimized.

This is after one use, so I’m super impressed!


Ah, my dry and cracked lips. An endless battle

I got a Bite Beauty sample with my order. It came with a small amount of Sugar Scrub, and a small amount of Agave Lip Mask.

It comes in several different tints and also clear.

I was not impressed with the Sugar Scrub at all. It felt amazing while I was using it, but I saw zero results.

Now, the sample of the Agave Lip Mask was very, very small, but I was able to get two uses out of it.

I used it once in the afternoon, and then again before I went to bed.

I feel like I have brand new lips!

I ordered the full size, and I believe it should last a long while before I have to purchase more.

Now, onto the search for hand lotion and body lotion!

I prefer body oils myself, how about you?

What do you use? Do you have any suggestions for me?

Now, I also ordered this Primary Raw DoYou 2Step Face Therapy. I am going to try it over the New Year holiday and come back to you with my thoughts.

If you shop Sephora, be sure to sign up with your e-mail so you can earn beauty points.

Remember, free samples are also available with your on-line order, and if you go to a brick and mortar store, just ask one of the employees, and they will be more than happy to give you samples.

Remember to take care of yourself inside and out, luvs!



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