HELLO AUTUMN! Lessons on slowing down and learning to Fall…

autun is here.jpg


What is your favorite season?

Clearly, Autumn is mine!

For me, the world slows down just a bit, I have more time to relax in the evenings,  cozy in fleece lined leggings and an over-sized sweatshirt…

curled up with a hot mug of PUMPKIN SPICE COCO!


I am one of those


autumn pumpkin spice

Oh! And warm, fuzzy socks, a good book and relaxing in front of the fire!

autmn socks

the cats don’t want to run in and out of the house


Ah, and speaking of this photo, the house has been cleaned from top to bottom! This was a pic from my Spring organizing efforts. Say hello to Chloe cat!

I have many reasons for enjoying the Autumn season so much…

autumn favorites

I always slow down and reflect during this time of year.

I am learning to quit being my harshest critic. So far, none of my poor decisions have harmed anyone physically nor ended the world.

I am learning to slow life down, even while expanding my horizons.

I am learning…

So again, what is your favorite season and why?

autumn hello kitty HAPPY AUTUMN, LUVS!



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